Weekend for foto-entusiaster (Aflyst)

  -  29.03.2020

Due to the current situation, we are following the advice from the government and have had to cancel this event

Adventist Communication Academy would like to invite you to a weekend with the photographer in mind.
The weekend will take place from Thursday evening the 26 of March starting with dinner to Sunday the 29 of March ending with lunch before saying our goodbyes. It will be an event for photographers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweeden and will take place at the lovely facilities at LifeStyle TV in Sweeden. It’s will be a time to improve one’s skills, network with equals and acknowledge our appreciation of the work you do.
The program will be focused on workshop-based learning in different subject. Where we will learn and be inspired, try it out and get feedback on it from the group.

We understand that it for some might be hard to come as early as dinner time Thursday evening and because the program is workshop-based, it is possible to join later. But why do it, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

The price will vary from country to country due to different discounts from each union. However, we have kept the price low, so everyone should be able to afford it. For the exact price for you go to the sign-up and combine your package. 
There is a discount field for each country at the end of the sign-up. Please pay attention to this to see if you eligible for it.

Lodging: Because of both price and space we have had to split up sleeping between Hagegården (LifeStyle TV) and a cabin 3 km away. There are the most rooms at the cabin and these are the cheapest. But don’t worry, you won’t miss out staying 3 km away. We will arrange so everyone gets to Hagegården on time and the rooms are only for sleeping. The rest of the time have a program planed.

Transport will vary in length and time for each individual. But for the Norwegians and the Swedish it is up to oneself to be arranging transport. However, there is going to be shared transport for the danes. One car from København and one from Frederikshavn.

Gear: This is a photo weekend and therefore you have to both own, bring and know how to use it. But don’t be scared, we all start somewhere. So whether you have only been shooting for a short period or have 20 years’ experience. You’re welcome.
Apart from your camera and lenses. We recommend you bring a tripod, laptop, small lights and other cool gear you might own. We are going to share the tripods we have, so don’t worry if you don’t own one. However, you going to need a laptop to dumb and share your best pics throughout the weekend.

Please bring practical clothing, we are going to be both inside and outside, both during daylight and not.

A program will follow later.

For more information, questions and special notes, please feel free to contact me at or on mobile +45 3138 8870.